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Everyone can benefit from shiatsu and massage!

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience that strengthens and supports the body. Or treat yourself to a massage that will unwind you fully from everyday life.


       What is shiatsu?


Working with the body's energy

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of physical manipulation that is based on Chinese medicine. The purpose is to stimulate a person’s natural healing forces to correct internal malfunctions.

The shiatsu therapist works with the body’s energy, called ‘Ki’ in Japanese. Ki is said to be the vital life force that nourishes your body and life. It travels through the body along the meridians (pathways of Ki), which correspond to the functioning of the internal organs.


Physically: How it works

Shiatsu uses the thumbs, fingers, palms and sometimes elbows, knees and feet to apply gentle pressure to the body. Also techniques like stretches and joint mobilisations may be used.

The treatment is done fully clothed, lying on a futon on the floor. Pillows and blankets are sometimes used to support the body and enhance the treatment.

Shiatsu promotes the free flow of energy within the body!

Shu, Shoku, Do, So

Breathing, Ingestion & Movement

Everybody is born with an original amount of Ki and as you grow and live, you acquire Ki from eating and drinking, from breathing and your environment. The following aspects are important for a healthy living, to maintain and nourish your Ki:

Shu – breathing
Be conscious of your breathing. Many people breathe too shallow; more deep breathing stimulates optimal blood circulation and Ki flow

Shoku – ingestion (eating and drinking)
Listen to what the body truly needs. Nourish your body (life), don’t overeat

Do – body ‘movement’ (internal organs and external limbs movement)
Spend daily some time to exercise and play. Take care of a good rest; being able to relax is very important

So – mind ‘movement’ (thinking)
Thoughts like doubt, no clarity of mind, hate, jealousy, envy, fear, etc. can cause a lot of stress. When above three aspects (Shu, Shoku, Do) are balanced, a clear mind is fostered. Receiving shiatsu is another tool to develop a peaceful mind.

A holistic approach to health

Letting the Ki flow

The amount and flow of Ki is affected by your emotional state, which is ultimately related to the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, your emotions or mental state have a direct influence on the function of your body.

Under healthy conditions Ki flows freely through the meridians in a balanced state. If there is something wrong on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, Ki stagnates in the meridians producing sickness.

While treating sickness a person is viewed in terms of his or her own body uniqueness; the basic constitution and condition are taken into consideration. Also a person’s environment is being looked at. In fact, the person is being treated not the sickness as such.

Often a physical problem appears in one part of the body, and you get the impression that this is the only part that has a problem, while actually the problem exists in the body as a whole.

Therefore, shiatsu provides a holistic treatment meaning the whole person is being treated; body, mind and spirit.


            What to expect


Working with the body

To treat yourself to a massage is taking time out for you. It's having a moment just for you to relax and recover from your busy or demanding life.

The human touch, in a context that is safe, friendly and professional, can be incredibly therapeutic, relaxing and a great way to honor yourself and your personal well-being as you navagate through life.

Like shiatsu, massage is using your body's own natural ways to heal itself.

The Benefits

Massage helps the following:

- Reduces stress
- Eases anxiety and depression
- Improves blood circulation: more oxygen and nutrients to your bodily cells and more waste products out of your system
- Boosting the body's natural defense system by stimulating the flow of lymph
- Increases mobility and flexibility
- Centers the mind and body
- Encourages a restful sleep
- And it's good for your skin!
Massage promotes the free flow of energy within the body!


Physically: How it works

The massages are a combination of Swedish and Thai massage including deep tissue techniques and influenced by shiatsu. The massage will be tailored made to your needs. Depending on this, one or the other style can be more useful.

About me

Let me introduce myself

“True health comes from joy in life!”

My story

Thai massage
"My journey in bodywork began in 2010. It started with a little book about Thai massage that caught my eye and inspired me to look closer and register for a course in Thai massage. I was instantly hooked!

After several courses, a friend and I traveled to Thailand to investigate further. We craved for deeper knowledge on the subject and ended up with a special teacher, who taught us to leave all techniques behind and first of all to really see the body. After experiencing this for myself, I felt very inspired and wanted to know more."

"Drawn to a more holistic approach of treatment I started the 4-year study at Iokai Shiatsu in 2012. This form of Japanese bodywork focuses on seeing, hearing and especially feeling the Ki (energy) of the body and to work with this energy.

My education in Western medicine (having studied chemistry years earlier) came in handy as I entered a 2-year program at HBO and received my diploma in Western medicine: anatomy, physiology and pathology."

Oil massage (Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy)
"In 2016 I finished my Iokai Shiatsu study and started working fulltime as a massage therapist to gain more experience in bodywork. I undertook lots of training in different types of massage such as pregnancy, deep tissue, relaxation and also Thai massage.

By working as a massage therapist I developed another passion: oil massage! (With Shiatsu and Thai massage the receiver keeps on her or his clothes)"

"The human body intrigues me; how it works anatomically, how it’s influenced by our emotions and thoughts (and vice versa), how it’s affected by bodily movements, by the foods we eat, by our genes, life style, posture, environment and much more.

Because of my passion for bodywork and wanting to help people I created Shumara. My mission is to give people a moment of deep relaxation from their often busy or complex lives, a reconnection with the body, stimulating the body to heal itself and above all, to offer some peace of mind.

I am actively attending workshops in the fields of shiatsu, massage and other types of bodywork and I intend to keep on learning until I’m very, very old!"

— Marloes van Schalkwijk


What to expect
  • shiatsu

  • Prices:

    60 Minutes

    The session time includes an initial consultation which can take up to 15 minutes.

    The shiatsu session is done fully clothed, lying on a futon on the floor. Therefore, wear (or bring) some loose, comfortable clothing for comfort and ease of movement (e.g. sweatpants or leggings).

  • Massage

  • Prices:

    45 Minutes

    60 Minutes

    90 Minutes

    The session times include a short initial consultation.

  • General notes

  • What to know:

    It is best to wait 2 hours after a big meal before having shiatsu or massage. Avoid if possible strenuous or stressful activities after your session.


    CLICK HERE to see whether your shiatsu session will be (partially) reimbursed. Always double-check the website of your caregiver. Your massage session will not be covered by insurance.

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the session will be charged at the half of a full session.

  • Special Offers

  • Every 7th massage session is free!

    This will be a 1 hour session of massage. It doesn't matter which length of sessions you have had.


    Buy a voucher for your friend and receive 10% discount on your next session. Minimum voucher 20€

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What was your Shumara experience like?


"Marloes and I have been close friends for years, but when she suggested that I come in for a treatment, I thought, sure! And I'm glad I did. I felt so relaxed and loose when I walked out the door!"

Executive Assistant


"I didn't know what to expect when I walked in the door. Marloes instantly put me at ease and once she began the treatment I was feeling Out Of This World!"

Film Producer


"Marloes gave me a really nice massage. Exactly the right balance between a firm and relaxing massage. I'll be back for more!"

Occupational Therapist


Get in touch


Marloes van Schalkwijk

Phone number

+31 (0)6 411 925 19



Borneostraat 38HS

1094 CL Amsterdam


The hourly price for on-street parking is 4,50 euro. This fee is valid between 9:00-21:00. Outside of these hours and on Sundays parking is free. The studio is very accessable by public transport. For more information check:
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